Neuary is a jewelry brand that offers a meaningful and creative way to tell your own story through necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms & earrings. Cherish important people or celebrate the wonderful moments in the journey of life to make it last forever.


Over 2 decades of heritage and experience in manufacturing are at the heart of Neuary which means we can align our craftsmanship with that of jewelry making with a unique design. Every product has its own deep meaning and complex craftsmanship. Choosing the themes and then creating sketches, and making jewelry in the workshop. Every process is thoughtfully handcrafted by experienced craftsmen.


We believe that every bead has its own story. In addition, the jewelry can speak to you, to record you a story, to support you, to protect you…Hope you are able to collect the beads that are meaningful to you with strength and courage to create your own personal style.


Focused on being socially and environmentally conscious, our responsibly sourced metals and charms are hand assembled ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. We are willing to do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint.


We believe it's the little things that matter most.Our heart beats for people who are committed, dynamic and innovative. Our designs are personal, unique, and emotive - and we love creating new ones every day, to make a special gift for you. What matters most to you, hold it close.